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Jam pan 32cm – copper

Copper Jam pan cm. 26

SKU: 7426

Copper Jam pan cm. 26
Diam. Cm. 26; inches 10.2
Height cm.7.5; inches 2.95
Capacity: 2.5 liters; 2.65-qt.
Thickness: 12/10


This is the best tool for making jams and marmalades, caramel and candies Its conic shape helps fast evaporation of water, leaving the essence of fruit in the jam. The time required to boil decreases significantly.The flared sides encourage frequent stirring.

Product Information

  • copper jam pan is created with solid copper
  • Hand hammered for extraordinary beauty and durability
  • It is unlined
  • It has two solid brass handles
  • Handmade in Italy

Wash by hand and towel dry. Copper is not induction friendly
This pot is not lined with tin like other copper cookware. You can use it for making only jams, caramel and other high-sugar foods. 

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Jam pan 32cm – copper