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32cm pan with lid having two handles

34 cm pan with lid having two handles

SKU: 7134

Two handles pan with lid cm. 34
Diam. Cm. 34; inches 13.4
Height cm. 8.5; 3.4 inches in
Capacity: 5.6 liters; 6-qt.
Thickness: 1.2 mm


 34 cm pan Ideal for potatoes, vegetables and omelettes. You can also use it for braising, roasting or gratinating. The flared sides make it easy to mix. Thanks to its large size it is perfect for those who cook for many guests. Suitable for domestic use. Product Information

  • This 34 cm pan is created with solid copper
  • Made with the experience of skilled crafts to make it superior from the aesthetic point of view and the same time more resistant
  • It has a solid brass handle attached to it, just like the pot itself
  • Equipped with lid
  • Internal tin lining handmade with pure tin.
  • It can be used both in flame and in the oven but not with induction plates

Copper distributes heat even more than any other material and does not produce any additional taste to food. Wash by hand and towel dry. Don’t use anything that can scratch the pot. 

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32cm pan with lid having two handles