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Copper Risotto Pan cm. 28

Copper Risotto Pan 26 cm

SKU: 3426

Copper Risotto Pan cm. 26
Diam. Cm. 26; inches 10.2
Height cm.8; inches 3.15
Capacity: 2.8 liters; 3-qt.
Thickness: 12/10


Copper risotto pan with a unique retro-style. The form is those that our grandparents used in many areas of Italy. Thanks to its shape it is ideal for preparing risottos, favoring uniform cooking and rapid evaporation of the cooking liquid. It has an handmade iron handle and a practical spout to remove excess liquid.

Product Information

  • This ¬†Risotto Pan is created with solid copper
  • Made with the experience of skilled craftsmen to make it superior from the aesthetic point of view and at the same time more resistant
  • It has a handmade iron handle attached to the pot with tinned copper rivets
  • It is not equipped with a lid, but can be purchased separately
  • Internal tin lining handmade with pure tin.
  • It can be used both on flame and in the oven but not with induction plates

Copper is the best material for preparing risotto because it allows cooking at low heat, allowing both a homogeneous cooking that safeguards the nutritional properties and the original taste of food, and a considerable energy saving.

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Copper Risotto Pan cm. 28