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Oval Roaster 31 x 22cm ( copper cookware)

Copper Oval Roaster cm. 27 x 20

SKU: 9127

Copper Oval Roaster cm. 27×20
Size: cm. 27×20; 10.6x 7.9 inches
Height 10 cm ; inches 3.9
Capacity: 4 liters; 4.2-qt.
Thickness: 12/10


The little copper oval roaster for oven roasting and baking. Can also be used to make gravy with the meat juices after cooking. The little size makes it appropriate for one piece of chicken with potatoes. The perfect gift for singles. It will help cook faster because of conductive nature of copper

Key Features

  • This copper oval roaster is created with solid copper
  • Hand hammered for extraordinary beauty and durability
  • With lid
  • Internal tin lining handmade with pure tin
  • The handles are in solid brass, attached securely with copper rivets
  • Handmade in Italy, synonym of beauty and quality.

Tips / Tips
Wash your copper by hand and don’t use anything that can scratch the pot. 

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Oval Roaster 31 x 22cm ( copper cookware)