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24cm Frying Pan

Copper Frying Pan 18 cm

SKU: 7216

Copper Frying Pan 18 cm
Diam. Cm. 18; inches 7.00
Height cm 5.5; inches 2.15
Capacity: 0.8 liter; 0.85-qt.
Thickness: 12/10


The small copper frying pan for cooking You can also use it for serving in style. It has a long brass handle. It will help cook better because of conductive nature of copper. The flared sides make it easy to mix.  

Product Information

  • This copper frying pan is created with solid copper
  • Made with the experience of skilled crafts to make it superior from the aesthetic point of view and the same time more resistant
  • It has a long brass handle attached to it, just like the pot itself
  • It is not equipped with a lid, but can be purchased separately
  • Internal tin lining handmade with pure tin.
  • It can be used both in flame and in the oven but not with induction plates

Do not scratch the pot with your hand. It will last a lot longer. This is a natural reaction of pure tin.

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24cm Frying Pan