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Traditional pot (32cm) for making polenta

Italian pot 34cm for polenta with wood handle – Paiolo art. 1334

SKU: 1334

Italian polenta pot with wood handle
Diam. Cm. 34; inches 13.38
Height cm.19; inches 7.48
Capacity: 9 liters; 9.5-qt.
Ideal for 15 people


This heavy copper italian pot 34cm is the perfect tool to prepare an Italian homemade polenta. It has a flat bottom to be used on common stovetops. It is so beautiful that you can hang it to your house too.Polenta is the best way to obtain polenta on the outside, because it conducts heat so even and quickly

Product Information 

  • The Italian pot 34cm is created with solid copper
  • Hand hammered for extraordinary beauty and durability
  • It has a flat bottom
  • It is unlined
  • It has a wooden handle with a solid brass helper handle
  • Handmade in Italy


It is quite easy to clean your polenta pot. It is sufficient to wash it with soap and water and then with special products for polishing copper.

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Traditional pot (32cm) for making polenta